Southern Amputee Golf Association
John Bragan
   From NAGA Magazine Spring 99

  John was a golf fan prior to losing both legs in a 1970 industrial accident.
John was able to learn about the amputee golf community through a
co-worker. The fellow employee read a story about a upcoming tournament
that was to take place at Marshfield Country Club. Fortunately for many of
us John decided to become a major part of this group.
  Frank Cothran was the contact for that tournament at Marshfield and like
many other people John came across, a lasting friendship was created.
Among the friends he counted as closest include Mike Hudson, Larry Van
Sandt, and Gary Hooks. Also special are Moe Clayton, Vince Moran ,and
Don Zommer.
  John Bragan - "Amputee tournaments give me a unique time to meet and
associate with other amputees, and to share stories and experiences. Its
good time to learn about new devices out there and make lives a little
  John Bragan - "By not being an amputee, I would have missed all the
truly wonderful relationships I've made over the years"
  Even though he was such a great friend, he might have been an even
bigger competitor. John won the Alabama State Amputee championship
twice, the Orlando invitational, and also the 1998 National Amputee Multiple
Championship. John represented the south by becoming the Southern
trustee for the National Amputee Golf Association. He was also awarded
the Soaring Spirit Award in 1992 for being Alabama's most outstanding
disabled athlete.