Southern Amputee Golf Association
In 1957, Joe Avans and several of his friends held the 1st
Southern States Amputees golf Tournament at the Franklin
D. Roosevelt Foundation Golf Course in Warm Springs,
Georgia. Little did the realize this tournament would survive
the test of time and allow so many of us to enjoy this
annual event.

From 1957 to 1976 Joe Avans presided as the president of
this organization. Other founding members of the Southern
State Amputee Golf Association include Ray Rice, Wally
Baskovich, Cluade Ellard, Stan Nave, and many more.

The SAGA currently has a board of directors and executive
officers that work hard each year to make our regional
tournament better every year. Our officers also participate in
the other tournaments in the south along with tournaments
in other parts of the country and world.

The tournament is set up in divisions based on the type of
amputation the person has. Examples of divisions include
below knee and above elbow. Depending on the number of
entries there will also be a certain number of flights within
each division.

We encourage new members to come out and join us.
Kenny Green, the current vice president, is also a assistant
golf professional. He would be glad to assist beginners with
instruction. Please visit the contact page if interested in
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